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Grab a free PT session and free entry in Spartan HQ. Come down and see what
Personal Training
Spartan PT is a results based Health & Fitness company You provide the goal and
Meet The Trainers
Trainers Mitch Rae My passion for health and fitness developed as a teenager through Tae
12 Week Challenge

The pinnacle of one on one personal training

This intense SpartanPT  course is for the strong willed only. It involves 24/7 dedication to both
Rehabilitation and Recovery includes any level of injury or impairment. It encompasses anything from slouched
Boot Camp
Fatloss, Lean Muscle, Co-ordination, Balance, Quality of Life training Our Company Spartan Personal Training is
Body Battle Class

Fatloss, Lean Muscle, Co-ordination, Balance, Quality of Life training

Here at Spartan Pt we pride ourselves on our diversity of training, we are now
Spartan HQ has a full size Boxing Ring Run by Koni a Fully qualified boxing

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Grab a free PT session and free entry in Spartan HQ.
Come down and see what we are all about with a no obligation free workout .

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Remember to try out spartan of the month challenge!
You must hold a weigh (5kg women 10kg men) in-front of you with straight arms. longest time wins!
Current leaders Adam and Nicola!
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Simple gym advice..

1) When you’re in the gym, worry about yourself.

- Don’t worry about how much that person is lifting, or how much they’ve lost or what they’re eating on their plan.

2) Stick to your own game plan.

- Don’t try and compare yourself to anyone else, do your own thing. Go hard, head down and do the work.

3) Listen to and trust your trainer/coach (if you have one).

- Don’t make excuses, or wonder why you’re not progressing if you’re not following the exact advice your trainer has given to you.
Your trainer wants the best for you, you’re a reflection of what they know and what they can do for people.
If you’re half assing it, or cheating on your plan..
Don’t blame anyone else but yourself.
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There's always going to be excuses!

Don't fall in to the trap!
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Always hungry while trying to diet? Maybe you should diet smarter, not harder. These two options have the same calories.

What option would you choose?
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Big shoutout to Troy Power!

He just finished his 6 week shred, and these are his results💪🏼🙌🏼 Dropped loads of fat and even packed on some muscle in the process! Looks like a different guy😲 One of my hardest working clients to date, doesn’t moan about how hard his dieting and training is. He just follows instructions, sticks to the plan and trusts the process!

This is only part of Troys fitness journey. Believe it or not, this guy in total has lost 28KG! His heaviest weight was 98kg, he is now sitting around 70KG and ripped!🔥

Big plans ahead.. Time to grow💪🏼
Good work bro!

- Coach Swade
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Meet The Trainers
Mitch Rae
Mitch Rae
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